Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Detective Samoyeds – 热血长安 | Episode 48 (31 Sub)

Detective Samoyeds, also known as Righteous Ardour of Changan 热血长安, is setting itself up to become the X Files of the Tang Dynasty as it revolves around a special bureau established for the sole purpose of investigating the paranormal and the occult. The Youku web series stars Xu Hai Qiao (Lost Love in Times), Ju Jing Yi (Novoland Castle in the Sky), Zhang Xin Yuan, Li He, Cheng Xiao Meng and Liu Guan Lin. They form the six member A-team that is not your average detective due to each of them bringing their own unique set of skills to the table which include Samoyed himself, a human library, an analytics expert, a ballistics enthusiast, a weapons guru and a medic.