Monday, February 19, 2018

The Nanny Man – 我爱男保姆 | Episodes 35 (35 Sub)

It’s hard to get back into the workforce after being a homemaker for five years, but it can be especially hard for a stay-at-home husband. Fang Yuan (Lei Jia Yin) has been a homemaker for five years, but his wife suddenly decides to divorce him. To try to salvage his marriage, he goes out and tries to find a job and win his wife back. To capitalize on his domestic skills, Fang Yuan goes to work as a nanny. In addition to the cleaning, laundry, mowing lawns, cooking and caring for kids, can Fang Yuan handle the hysterics and unusual demands of his drama queen bosses? “The Nanny Man” is a 2015-2016 Chinese dramas series directed by Zhang Xiao Bo. Original title 我爱男保姆