Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Always and Ever – 情逆三世緣 | Episodes 31

During an operation, CIB officer, Circle Yuen (Bobby Au Yeung) accidentally kills his girlfriend, Phoenix Yeung (Esther Kwan). In his remorse, he finds himself mysteriously sent back in time to the Song Dynasty, where he is known as the imperial official Bao Zheng. He meets Han Sheung-Sheung (Esther Kwan), who looks exactly like Phoenix; despite Sheung-Sheung's reservations, they fall in love and agree to marry. However, Sheung-Sheung's childhood friend and adoptive brother, Ko Yiu-On (Ben Wong), out of ambition and jealousy that Sheung-Sheung refuses to marry him, forces her into casting a curse upon herself that she will always be killed by the man she loves. Soon afterward, Yiu-On orchestrates a situation where Bao Zheng is forced into executing Sheung-Sheung.