Sunday, September 27, 2020

Angel In the Making – 實習天使 | 25 Episodes

Intern nurses must endure the difficult task they are faced with when they are under the supervision of the male nurse from hell. It has always been cheerful and caring Halley Kei's (Eliza Sam) dream to become a nurse. Ever since she was young, she has played pretend nurse, tending and caring sick patients. However, her first day as an intern nurse goes wrong in every possible way. First she is almost late and then she is put in charge of an unruly patient, who is a small-time triad boss. Her patient becomes paranoid that someone is trying to kill him, gets high on cocaine in the hospital bathroom, and then tries to escape from the hospital while almost dying all in one day. Luckily, her patient is stopped and saved by the new nurse mentor Ray Yeung (Tony Hung).