Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Colourful Life – 錦繡良緣 | 20 Episodes

The CHENG family has been running a business in the dyeing industry for several generations. Master CHENG and his wife died early. His mistress, SHUI KWUN DING FUNG (TSUI SUJK YEE), has since been running the business and keeps the family in shape.
The eldest son, CHI SHING (LAW MONG), is a simple and straightforward person. He has a good and helpful wife, CHOW MONA (SO YUK WAH, LOUISA). The second son, CHI POK (YUEN SIU CHEUNG, LOUIS), is a short-tempered man. He and his equally mean wife, SZE CECI (KWOK SIU WAN, FLORENCE), are an argumentative couple. The third son, CHI YUNG (CHENG CHUNG KEI, RONALD), is warm-hearted, but all he does is play and spend money. His wife, CHANG YIM (MUI SIU WAI), is a mean woman, but she always puts her husband first. The youngest son, CHI HIN (LAM MAN LUNG, FRANKIE), is a wise, polite and educated young man. However, he has to follow the King’s order to marry a wild and untamed woman, DUN JEW (MAN CHUNG HAN), who is from a neighouring country. The fact that HIN and JEW have very different personalities results in them always arguing. They do not even have the physical relationship of a married couple. Their arguments always bring fun into the family.
Meanwhile, HIN is in love with another girl, CHAW MONSIE (KWONG MAN SHUN, MAY). JEW is not angry about it. She even tries hard to bring them together. HIN is very grateful to her. Later, HIN feels lost when MONSIE falls in love with someone else. Luckily JEW comforts him and they start loving each other. 
The CHENG family has offended some government officials and ends up losing all its properties. HIN’s life is even in danger because he knows a shocking secret…
Will the CHENG family overcome their bad luck?