Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Come On, Cousin – 老表, 你好hea | 30 Episodes

Environmentalist Lam Joi Yeh (Roger Kwok) returns to Hong Kong after many years abroad trying to save the environment, when he receives a call from his mother that his father is dying. At the same time spoiled 2nd generation rich heir Yau Tin (Wong Cho-lam) also returns home to Hong Kong after many years of partying around the world when he receives a call from his mother that his father is dying and thinking he will inherit all of his father's money. However both of their mother's had lied to them. Joi Yeh's father is really pretending to suffer from Alzheimer's disease while Tin's father pretended to be dying to get back at him for carelessly spending his money all these years. To prove he is not a lazy useless heir Tin agrees to manage his father's very first business which is a grocery store located inside an apartment building. Unhappy with the workers and environment he request the store be overhauled and the elderly workers be fired. In order to hire new workers at the last minute, Tin offers an salary of HKD$100 per hour. Joi Yeh goes to Tin's store to complain about the vegetables smelling like bug spray, that his mother had salvage from the store's garbage but ends up applying for a job when he sees the amazing pay of HKD$100 per hour.