Friday, November 27, 2020

Detective Investigation Files II – 刑事偵緝檔案 II | 40 Episodes

Tai Yung(Michael To Tai-Yu) and Jesse's (Kenix Kwok Hor-Ying) relationship went on really well until Michael's colleague Carmen (Amy Kwok Oi Ming) fell in love with Tai Yung. She is a bit mentally unstable, due to some incidents that has happened to her before when she was in U.K. In one case she got injured trying to save Tai Yung. Tai Yung, as nice as he always is, did everything to help her recover. Everyone with some TV-watching experience can imagine what this may have caused to Tai Yung's and Jesse's relationship. They break up and Carmen took the oppurtunity to get near Tai Yong, but they never formally get together.