Monday, September 28, 2020

Land of Wealth – 匯通天下 | 32 Episodes

During the Qing dynasty in Beijing, a powerful empress took over the throne.The story focus on four different families. The Chai family, Chai Hok-Yan (Chung King Fai), who was betrayed by other officials and the whole family was sentenced to death. Chai Pak-Chuen (Moses Chan) was the only survivor in the Chai family because a loyal assistant of his switched identities with him. Pak-Cheun changed his name to Fan Chi-Chai and traveled to a different city to start a new life. That's when he met the Kiu family. Kiu Bun-Yip (David Chiang), is a successful business banker, however, he also has enemies, including the Cho family. Bun-Yip invited Pak-Chuen to his bank Ding Fung Shing to learn about banking. At the same time, he met Cheung Shung-Man (Steven Ma), the two of them became best friends.