Monday, January 22, 2018

Legal Mavericks – 踩過界 | Episode 28

本剧主角盲侠儿时因车祸导致失明,令他学懂以心眼及四感看待事物,不带任何偏见与歧视的眼光,成为一名出色的大律师,专为社会上的弱势小众申张公义。 盲侠的法律助理(师爷)癫姐,因外貌及其父亲的江湖背景遭人歧视,她认同盲侠的理念协助其办案,亦以其江湖阅历替盲侠顶着恶势力的威胁;同时盲侠认识了不羁的私家侦探GoGo,骋请其为案件搜证,两男并展开同居蜜友关系;加上Never这个开明豪放的女法官,四人聯手带出一个又一个的法案故事,包括形体女艺术家被控袭击实质自卫、少女被控入屋伤...

  • carmen lau

    Ep 15 would probably come out in another week or two as TVB has not released all episodes out they are still playing ep 8/9 I think. The website some how got access to the first 14 episodes. Check the TVB guide to see when it’s going to be released.

  • Xazl Ling

    where us eps 15??

  • turtlesftw123

    When is episode 15 gonna be out????????

  • cubeMaster

    Click on the blue “Download” button on the left bottom corner of the video frame. It should work.

  • claire lee

    when got 15

  • Tan Esther

    Who can teach me

  • Tan Esther

    How to download video

  • Lim Kim

    yea.. when will it be out…

  • Peiqi Sim

    When will ep 15 be out?