Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Links to Temptation – 誘情轉駁 | 20 Episodes

Kwan Ho-Chin (Yoyo Mung) is the daughter of rich businessman Ko Wing-Tai (Lau Tan), Ko not only abandoned the unborn Kwan and her mother in Macao but stole her mother's life savings to begin his business empire. Years later in Hong Kong Kwan plots revenge, and hires Macao pole dancer Hung Long-Kiu (Fala Chen) to seduce Ko with the aim of pretending that Hung is Ko's daughter once they have become lovers. Ko is prevented from consummating his relationship with Hung, but is fooled into thinking that Hung is indeed his long lost daughter. With her plan to convince Ko that he has committed incest foiled, Kwan instead sets her sights on Ko's fortune, and asks Hung to play along with Ko's misconception. Ko treats Hung as his own flesh and blood and tries to make amends for being an absent father, rewriting his will to favour Hung over his own son.