Saturday, February 17, 2018

Love As A Predatory Affair – 愛情食物鏈 | 21 Episodes

Lo Kwai-fong (Kitty Yuen) is reliable and intelligent, her only setback is that she is too short. She works as a sales manager at her father's struggling food distribution company, Dou Ling. Due to an employee's illiteracy in English, the company accidentally distributes bitter melons to all of their customers. To resolve the problem and prevent their customers from suing them because of their mistakes Kwai-fong goes to each restaurant showing them the many useful ways a bitter melon can be cooked. On her first stop she meets Hung Hsien (King Kong Lee), a kitchen assistant and her dream man Pete Lau (Jason Chan), who is there to conduct business with the head chef. Her best friend Ko Kwai-fun who calls herself Hestia (Samantha Ko), also happens to be at the same restaurant on a speed dating function. Hestia finds the guys at her speed dating party unsuitable and decides to set her sights on Pete.