Saturday, September 26, 2020

Love Bond – 心花放 | 30 Episodes

The 'Lam' family consists of 4 brothers and one sister with Yat Gong (Michael Tao) being the oldest, Sik Sui (Moses Chan) being the 3rd brother . The family lived opposite of them was the 'Gei' family which consists the dad, the older sister Hoi Sum (Kenix Kwok), the middle sister Mei Lai (Bernice Liu) and the younger brother Chong Ming (Fred Cheng). Cheung Bik Fan (Anne Heung) and Yat Gong were formal partners but eventually broke up. The major plots of the story are the love story between Yat Gong, Hoi Sum, and Bik Fan, Hoi Sum's flower tea shop and the love between Mei Lai and Sik Sui.