Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Off Pedder – 畢打自己人 | 337 Episodes

Chiu (潮) Magazine is part of the Kam Bo Corporation, and has its offices on Pedder Street in Hong Kong (thus giving rise to the name of the series). The show centres on the politics of the Chiu (潮) and Kam Bo office, and the lives of the characters who work in this office. Central to the plot are Yan Seung (Teresa Mo), who takes up a position early on in the series as editor of Chiu (潮). The initial plot focused on her rivalry with the Head of Sales, Susan Ka So-Shan (Elaine Jin). As more characters were introduced, the plot expanded to focus on Yim Yue Tai (Stephen Au) and Yu Ka Sing (Wayne Lai). How will these four individuals affect Pedder Street and who will become the ultimate leader of Chiu (潮) Magazine