Saturday, February 17, 2018

P.4B – 四年B班 | 4 Episodes

Matters that seem trivial in the eyes of adults are oftentimes matters of utmost importance in children’s hearts.   This series looks at the vast world we live in through the eyes of children and show how they follow their pure yet determined hearts to realize these important ‘trivial’ matters.  In doing so, they also attempt to help the adults intheir lives understand that they shouldn’t try to force their own methods on their children – instead they should allow children their freedom to let their own dreams soar! 

The story revolves around a group of fourth year elementary school students who are on the brink of entering a higher grade level, yet lackthe independence to truly think on their own.  In these students’ lives, things happen that often render adults helpless, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, yet at the same time, have the ability to move people’s hearts with their sincerity and innocence.