Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Passion Among Us – 驚心都市 | 10 Episodes

“Passion Among Us” are ten frightening stories about helpless city dwellers in confrontation with fate: ‘Burning Anger’ tells the story of a man who judged the society in his own way and used violence to justify himself. ‘Hotline of Death’ is about a series of murder started by making naive phone calls. ‘Helpless’ is about an unfaithful husband who had to face with a broken family. Reward of Goodwill” discloses the evil side of human: your friend may turn out be your enemy. ‘Dangerous Love’ relates the love story between a cop and a nun. ‘Confused Love and Murder’ is about a serial killer who murdered gays. ‘Dream’ teaches that one might know nothing of one’s bosom partner. ‘False Accusation’ is about misunderstanding that made the innocents got accused. ‘Dangerous Elope’ depicts the story of two very different women who fell in love with the same man. ‘Dishonest Woman’ is about a woman who thought to have found her true love. However, her beloved turned out to be the opposite and she nearly lost her life for him.