Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Safe Guards – 鐵血保鏢 | 25 Episodes

The renowned Wui Yau Safety Services has been managed by the respectable Sheung family for 3 generations. Albeit appearing to be a lucrative and prospering business, it has been actually suffering lossesconstantly. The Sheung family consists of the Chief Sheung Ching-tong,and his 4 different-natured sons. The eldest son Sheung Chungis reckless, hot-headed and greedy by nature, allowing his wife's brother and gang of safe guards to scrap money incessantly from the business. The second son Sheung Hau is a loyal,yet power-driven person,turning from good to bad during half of the series. To the contrary, the adopted third son Sheung Chi is a good-natured and docile person,however due to his status as an adopted son he is being restricted and ostracized by many things around him. The fourth son Sheung Yee has been studying abroad, being a good-natured person just like Chi.

Due to Ching-tong getting on in years, Chung and Hau have been yearning to take over the business. However when Ching-tong stated that the business will be handed over to Chi in his will after his death, thefamily begins to fall apart as Chi's newly-introduced policies to reform the decadent business causes constant disputes as Hau, after being chased out of the family due to his severe folly instigates the guards to turn against the Sheung Family. Fortunately, female guard Cheung-fong has been standing by Chi all the time. Soon Yee returns fromoverseas and discovers that the Imperial Court is planning to build railways all over the country and that began the demise of convoying services. Hence Chi, Chung and Yee thought of reforming Wui Yau into a shipping service and after braving through all difficulties, everything falls into place as they receive the ship patent and the flag of Wui Yau,once seen everywhere on the road, is now flaunting proudly on the seas.