Friday, October 30, 2020

The Duke of Mount Deer 1984 – 鹿鼎記 | 40 Episodes

Based on the Jin Yong novel, this drama is set in the beginning of the Qing dynasty. A rebellious group which still holds sacred the bloodline of the Ming dynasty plans to overthrow the Qing dynasty. Meanwhile, Kang Xi (Andy Lau) is a young emperor trying to gain actual control of his position. The story follows a young man named Wei Siu Bo (Tony Leung). He is clever, perverted, and addicted to gambling. He spends his time hangout around his mother’s workplace, a brothel in Yang Zhou. By coincidence, he is taken into the palace by an old blind but powerful eunich and accidentally makes friends with the emperor. He also finds himself made into the disciple of Chen Jing Nan, the leader of the rebels. Throughouthis adventures, he encounters seven beauties with whom he falls in lovewith or manages to get himself involved with, one after another. And also, he finds himself in greater dilemma trying to keep both emperor and his Si Fu, Chen Jing Nan, from knowing his relationship with the other and also at the same time trying to remain loyal to both.