Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Green Hope – 新鮮人 | 25 Episodes

FONG KA FAI (Bowie Lam) is very workaholic. His parent has beenseparated since FAI was very young. FAI’s mother has left home together with FAI’s younger brother, KA HIM (Fung Tak Lun). Since then FAI has lost contact with them. One day, FAI’s father is very sick. He wants to see HIM before he died. FAI then searches everywhere for HIM. He eventually finds HIM. Unfortunately, HIM is a schizoid. FAI is willing to take care HIM. He even resigns for the post of designer resolutely for HIM’s sake. FAI then takes up his father interior decoration firm. He even lets HIM and his friend who is also a schizoid to stay in his home. FAI’s wife, KAI KWAN (Ng Mei Heng) is very dissatisfied. FAI and KWAN eventually divorce. FAI’s assistant, SHIU LAI WAH (Mung Ka Wai), who admires FAI, always stands by him when FAI is very depressed. FAI and WAH blossom love on each other. KWAN is very jealous...

HIM has a talent for music. However, he is emotionally very unstable as his mum is a drug addict. He then becomes a schizoid. YUEN YING (Chui Chi Kay) is suffered from autism. She is even a psychopath who felt obliged to stealing. Both HIM and YING are being discriminated. HIM is deeply attracted by YING who is very optimistic. Moreover, a pleasant and pure young girl, WAI MAN (Yung Cho Yee) also falls in love for HIM. However, she dare not to express her love because of YING. She only stands by HIM quietly and be his listener. How would HIM handle this triangle relationship? Could the schizoids be accepted by the society? Could they contribute their talent to the society and live happily in the modern world?