Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Reincarnated Princess – 觀世音 | 34 Episodes

In the ancient country of Hing Lam, Emperor MIU CHONG, under the effect of the Devilish Destroyer (CHU TIT WO), destroys all Buddhist temples. This enrages God; God makes his son die in the battlefield as a punishment. MIU CHONG has three daughters later but no son. The eldest daughter, MIU SUM, is a jealous person; MIU YUEN, the middle girl, is timid. The youngest of the three, MIU SIN, is both intelligent and kind-hearted. MIU CHONG has long decided to pass on his throne to MIU SIN. Nevertheless, MIU SIN is a fervent follower of Buddha and she never likes fame and gain. Conflicts arise when MIU CHONG forbids her to worship Buddha. MIU SIN leaves the palace and converts to Buddhism. WAN TIN LONG (YAM TAT WAH) plans to assassinate MIU CHONG, who has killed his father, a faithful general of MIU CHONG. He encounters MIU SIN and falls for her at first sight. MIU SIN is devoted to Buddhism and rejects his love. Because of the muddle-headedness of MIU CHONG, the power of country administration is in the hands of the evil minister KAM LUNG (TAM PING MAN) and MIU SUM’s husband YIK TO LUI (TAI CHI WAI). Seeing the hard life of the people, MIU SIN determines to go to the Seven Heavens with LONG for the white jade vase to save them from havoc .The minister and his gang collude with the Devilish Destroyer to prevent MIU from going. MIU CHONG, unwilling to be a burden to MIU SIN, kills himself. The Devilish Destroyer uses the sorcery fire to set the city on fire. MIU SIN, who has not been reincarnated yet, is unable to withstand the Devilish Destroyer. On the other hand, MIU CHONG is punished to suffer in the 18th hell, where he is tortured by the different ghosts. Can MIU SIN save her people and her father from suffering and pain? How is she reincarnated?