Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Sky Is The Limit – 緣份無邊界 | 20 Episodes

This TVB series is mostly about the Chung Yeung Street that separates China and Hong Kong. On that street, there is a bunch of people who own stores. Maggie Cheung plays a single mother and the owner of a clothes store. She is independent, kind, outspoken and optimistic. She meets Bowie, a policeman. At first, they treat each other very cruelly, however, when Maggie falls for Bowie's best friend Ben, everything changes. Ben is a very optimistic person, also boring, too. He is a super "neat freak". At first, Maggie thinks that nothing will ever tear her and Ben apart, but she is mad wrong. Ben decides to choose his career rather than her, so they sort of break up. Ben leaves for his job. During this time, Bowie confesses to Maggie. She's stuck between Ben and Bowie. However, she knows that she and Ben are over so she decides to choose Bowie. But when Ben comes back and proposes to her, what will she do? Will she choose Ben, the one who left her for his career, or Bowie, the guy who loves her more than his job?