Monday, September 21, 2020

The Tofu War – 燦爛的外母 | 20 Episodes

The traditional soybean industry in Hong Kong increasingly declining, thanks to the director Xiao Xiuqiong ((Xue Jiayan ornaments) has been insisted, Dingfu and soybean products factory can be robust operation. Soybean products factory small Dongxu Zhang (Zhang Hong) decorated to take over the family after the determination of reform, And invited friends Wang Zhaoming (Li Nuo Yi ornaments) to join the deputy manager, Zhaoming at the same time as Xiu Qiong's boss. Zhao Ming dissatisfied big manager Xiuqiong in the factory monopoly power, and often cover the repeated mistakes of the staff painted Veyron (Lin Jiahua ornaments) And the other side of the car, Xiu Qiong has always pursued the old school management, but also dissatisfied with the trillion Ming system of change is humane disappear, but also that Zhaoming is a clear and assassination of the strength of the "shoes" Veyron confrontation with Zhao-ming and Chang sinus, the formation of two formation.